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“Where you stand is where you sit”

Here is a book about how to be an academic administrator and it looks quite good.

It is from 2006 but glancing at it I thought it would be older, as it seems to come from an era so much kinder and gentler and humane. The university was already savage, of course, but it really seems to me that things took a hard turn for the worse with the 2008 economic crisis. Others may perceive the shift differently, or may not have perceived it yet.


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Carlos Alonso on curriculum

Here are some of his 2013 thoughts. Watch the video and tell me what you think. What is the value of the humanities education, the Ph.D., and the life of the mind generally?



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James Kyrilo, Alvin Burstein

These colleagues have pieces recently published and forthcoming on curriculum and academic freedom, a key perception being that faculty rights and tenure are not the only or perhaps even the main point of attack on education. The place where student and faculty rights are both being eroded is curriculum — which is of course one more reason why I should be preparing my piece for a curriculum journal. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, it is said, but the converse is perhaps yet truer.

I have a version of the piece forthcoming — I believe — in a professional, but not refereed venue, and it has been suggested to me that an even shorter version can go to the CHE or Truthout. The Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy has been suggested to me. I, meanwhile, am fascinated with another journal, New Political Science.


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David Schultz

According to this, the corporate university is already in decline. What of the entrepreneurial university, however: is it the same thing as the corporate university? I am inclined to think not.

I do wish I had seen this panel at the MLA:

MLA Panel 803. Finance Capital and the University

Sunday, 10 January, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., Lone Star C, JW Marriott

Program arranged by the forum TC Marxism, Literature, and Society

Presiding: Christopher John Newfield, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara

1. “Securitization and University of Finance,” Amanda Armstrong-Price, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2. “Financialization and ‘The Wisconsin Idea’ in the Twenty-First Century,” Richard Grusin, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

3. “Tech Transfer and Finance after Academic Capitalism,” Lenora Hanson, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

4. “The Force of Diversity: Risk, Privatization, and the Salaita Affair,” Nick Mitchell, Univ. of California, Riverside


Academic Labor, Finance Capital, Debt, Critical University Studies, Activism, World-Historical Crises that only critical humanists can solve, according to Eileen A. Joy, Aranye Fradenburg, Julie Carlson, Alan Thomas, Cathy Davidson, David Palumbo-Liu, Ken Wissoker, Glenn Hendler, Bruce Burgett, and others.

I did see this presentation and I recommend everyone read it in its entirety.


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