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Allons voir comment je vais y aller

Le plan:


Resolve a textbook issue for Spanish 202 and make sure I have the draft syllabus available to me on the office computer as well as the home one. Write the first lecture for Spanish 462. Work on LASA this evening. Research got killed today and it is a problem since I am on deadline. Also, I did not get to work out, and I need to get my nails done. And all my brilliant work on Spanish 462 is going to go to naught for unbloggable reasons. The meaning of it all: “a los estudiantes dales tu talento, pero no tu brillantez” (as someone told me once long ago).


Work on LASA even though the syllabi need more work. Finish the syllabus for Spanish 202. The websites, all of them, for Spanish 202 need real work and the 316 iLRN website has to be set up still. I will remember these things and work on them as I work on the paper syllabi. I will keep working on LASA in the evening. (This really needs to be done.)


I will finish the syllabus for Spanish 316 and finish the LASA thing, I really hope (if I have not done so already).  I will make sure all of the other syllabi and websites are finished. I will chase down an arborist and my door-maker.


I will teach, and work out between classes. I will finish anything from above that is not finished so far.


There is someone in L.A. I must call. I must finish work on my vita and two bureaucratic documents, and on student papers I have not finished commenting upon. These things need to be done SOON.

Monday 29

Write the second lecture for Spanish 462.


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La psychanalyse

Mais c’est si clair. I feel guilty and nervous about doing work because I know I will be interrupted as soon as I really start.

It all had to do with the self serving agenda of others. “Your work is just play, and you will see that relatively soon. Your real role is to serve me, and I am also the only one who can and will support you when your work becomes serious and you are sidelined from it. Serving me, not becoming expert at something that challenges me, is your first and only real duty — and everyone else already knows it is all you are capable of.”

This is why I feel people have a right to disrupt work. It is also why I do not like to start work — if I start, I will continue, and if I continue, I will experience a very great violation to get me to stop. To avoid repeating this experience of violation, it is best not to start.


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Writing begins with forgiveness

For me, writing always begins with self-forgiveness. I don’t sit down and rush headlong into the blank page. I make coffee. I put on a song I like. I drink the coffee, listen to the song. I don’t write. Beginning with forgiveness revolutionizes the writing process, returns it being to a journey of creativity rather than an exercise in self-flagellation.  I forgive myself for not sitting down to write sooner, for taking yesterday off, for living my life. That shame? I release it. My body unclenches; a new lightness takes over once that burden has floated off. There is room, now, for story, idea, life.

I put my hands on the keyboard and begin.

Voir le texte entier.


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For comment

Staff members told attendees to keep the visits discreet, she says, for fear that their interest in nonacademic careers could hurt their relationship with their faculty advisers.

That is from this article, which I feel needs deconstruction.

It is very fraught. Should degree programs be changed since not all students become professors? Is it really that dangerous to say you have other career plans? If you say it and professors look at you askance, should you quake in fear, or can you (wo)man up?


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Et on y va

I am going away for a month, ciao-ciao. When I get home, I will work in the office. I tend to avoid this but in fact there are many things at which I am more efficient there. I also tend to think the office and building are alienating places, and I have been right about this at times — but I will remove this gris-gris by inhabiting them.



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“A writer’s work is the product of laziness”

J. L. Borges on writing.


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That Vallejo panel

I must compose my to-do list: the Service Learning project, the Vallejo panel, the Curriculum and Instruction article, the Houston paper and its submission somewhere, and the Vallejo paper … not to mention the prison presentation. I also have the prize submission, the archival research, and the bureaucratic document on my own behalf.

For Vallejo, we have two new-to-me critical texts: one involving the October Revolution, El Tungsteno and Badiou, and a piece by Stephen Hart that talks about Vallejo the homo sacer (Angamben).

Homo sacer or “sovereign power and bare life” = sacred pariah, criminal, exile, wounded, flawed; I must discover what these things really mean. Hart’s piece is about self-respresentation and identity in Vallejo —  because Vallejo did produce himself and also get produced in certain ways.

My ideas on the matter at hand have to do with Borges, “La nadería de la personalidad,” and similar writings from the period.


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