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22 responses to “Talk

  1. ann

    interesting site. i like the formatting.

    found you on a betmo comment.

    i see you have begun a jouney. i wish you the best as you go through it!


  2. joe osorio

    Profacero, I sent you an email if you get a chance to read it.
    the rocket scientist

  3. I got that e-mail, Rocket Scientist, and it is cool!

  4. sabamd

    you amaze me. seriously.

  5. Gracias, sha! But I can’t figure out what is amazing here … I guess I should give myself more credit?

  6. sabamd

    um…yeah…much more credit…you are certainly within the shaded are that is 3S.D. above the mean….

  7. This is interesting but what is the graph of … ? I am curious now… ;-)

  8. sabamd

    you have cognition while “all (of us) med students only have intelligence”….this is what our neuro prof said of us in class two weeks ago…..very few understood that insult…

  9. Aha! OK, in (bad source, I know, but q-d) cognition is:

    “A term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension, including thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving. These are higher-level functions of the brain and encompass language, imagination, perception, and planning.”

    I would have said that was intelligence but … I think mere intelligence is what frustrates me about a certain type of “good” college student (and also professor) who think they are brilliant but whom I find plodding. It is also a block I run into dealing with certain professionals (and there are lots of doctors like this) who have knowledge and training but seem in the end to be mere technicians.

    Is this the idea? (I am still curious about the graph.)

  10. sabamd

    yes that is the idea exactly.

    a graph of mental/cognitive functioning/creativity…etc….you can’t acutally lump all of this together but that is the idea…

  11. AHA, again! Maybe it is why I had such a bad time with my dissertation director and my shrink, and why I so hated squeezing into the box of Al-Anon … these being three of the main Banes on this blog (as the assiduous reader will know).

    Normally I can’t stand people who say they are smarter and therefore superior, but around supercilious and oppressive types it may be salutary to at least think it. ;-)

  12. sabamd

    **smile** yes, my neuro prof let’s us know exactly how superior he is to us but it is both edifying and comical….certianly have learned to laugh at myself, to not be bothered about being wrong, and to think on my feet…..but i agree, if it not constructive then you are basically just being an a** and that is a huge nausea factor…..

  13. Irene Lynch

    I feel like I’ve found a soul-mate.

    Irene Lynch

  14. cajunlady

    why is it that some people never leave our memories/fantasies?….even though they were an insignificant part of the whole of our lives ??…it is haunting….and how can you excorsize that demon???

    Cadjine, your IP address is in Montevideo, are you traveling? Anyway this comment isn’t really on topic but you aren’t trying to sell anything so I’m letting it through. –Z

  15. Great blog, I want to write something for a bloggish/culture/local politics site some friends and I started recently,, about radical professors who blog.

    If you have the time/interest, send your responses to

    Are you a professor? A radical one?
    Why do you use the name Professor Zero? (I see the link)
    What sorts of things do you blog about mostly?
    What is do you think is the primary motivation for radical professors to blog?
    Can you suggest one or two of your favorite radical professor blogs?

    Thanks :)

  16. OK Acumensch, I’ve e-mailed you but a lot of the info is right here in the “about” section:

    Sabamd, I have been wondering about you, how and where are you now?

  17. Hi there-

    Your site and you seem quite interesting. I would like to send you a press release about THE VIOLIN, the most awarded Mexican film in history, that Film Movement has just released on DVD. I would love to address the release to a human being though – are you able to provide me with your first name, or a way that you prefer to be addressed, and an email address where I could send you the release. I think you might particularly appreciate this film. Thanks so much, Cambria

  18. Hi Cambria – I’d love to see EL VIOLIN – this is a pseudonymous site but my middle name is Cybèle – the address really does work! Greetings from Lima where I am today…

  19. Do you know who wrote the following:

    En el mes de octubre del año mil novecientos cincuenta y ocho, un hombre corpulento, aunque ligeramente encorvado, que conservaba la remota apariencia de una antigua fortaleza, como una vieja dama

  20. No, although in a shadowy way it seems familiar. Why do you ask / why are you looking for this information?

  21. Z

    It´s the beginning of the 4th part of Saer´s Los Amigos. Saer, I hate to say, I have not read but would love to. Him and Saramago…

  22. Z

    I want to make a new post of this, cut from an e-mail, but the site is too slow to post it.

    [Once again, I do not agree that communicative approaches, grammar-translation, direct/natural method, etc., are merely teaching “styles” — they have different goals and produce different results. Since we as a group do not have a common approach, the de facto departmental method is that used by those who teach the most sections; therefore, I favor creating as small a group as possible to dedicate to the basic sequence, and starting to use, rather than squelch, expertise of faculty.]

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