Des textes dont j’ai besoin

These are speeches that have been given or are about to be given, whose texts I need and must remember to request.

Newfield, Christopher. “The Great Mistake: How Private-Sector Models Damage Public Universities, and How They Can Recover.” Presented at University of Washington, Seattle, yesterday.

Washington University, Provost. “The University Is Not a Business.” Soon to be presented in St. Louis, Missouri.

If it were not for Facebook, I would not know about these texts, so Facebook is research.


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La disposition du temps

I was to spend an hour on research and writing this morning but I only spent about five minutes. Then I spent nearly two hours on administration and correspondence. I next spent four hours in class, an hour on class preparation, a half hour at a meeting, and an hour and a half in office hours.

This means 6.5 hours were spent on teaching activity and 2.5 on administrative activity, with just a pinch of research. I should, and probably will spend another hour on teaching related activities tonight, at which point it will have been a ten hour day.


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“A whole one”

I bought a book that I was tired of getting by inter-library loan. I ordered a good used copy online. It is an overpriced book and I had only ever seen it in paperback. I thought I would receive a paperback copy.

When it arrived, it was in hardcover. I heard myself say: “Oh, look! I got a whole one!”


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Ideology, subjectivity, and the name of the father

Today’s review item involves Althusser and Lacan. We must study the items named in the title of this post and come to a deeper understanding of them. I am writing about how political euphemism functions to undermine the integrity of the speaker, or rather, the subject(ivity) it interpellates. What I am saying is more naive than what Althusser or Lacan would say, I believe, because I am assuming some preexisting “integrity.”

Is this wrong? Who is the “I” who says “I shall not, I shall not be moved”?



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I dreamed I had washed and dried, in the washer and dryer, a wool cloth coat with a faux fur collar, by mistake. This ought to have ruined it, I would have thought, but it came out fine.

I dreamed I was at the MLA translating Fernando del Paso, and I had hired a team of Spanish speaking typists from China to transcribe my work.

It was unclear where the MLA was taking place, but it seemed to be in a large provincial city along a tropical river, perhaps an Amazon tributary or a similar river in Africa.

Does anyone have ideas for interpretations of these dreams?


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Our study group today

We decided we will try to host an MLA roundtable at Philadelphia on 21st century Spanish programs. There is more to come on this, although perhaps not on the blog.

We decided our research and writing hours would be M-F 8-9 and Tuesday and Thursday, 9-11 and 1-3. These hours can move somewhat (e.g. 7-8, 10-12, 2-4), but we are not working on research or writing in late afternoons, evenings, or weekends unless we feel like it.

This plan adds up to 13 hours a week, and it can add up to more. All university obligations end Friday at 3, so we do have Friday late afternoons available if we wish, and all weekend.  We can also use late afternoons, evenings, and weekends for teaching and service if we wish, but we will not let these activities crowd into our official research hours.

I railed as usual about my anger at professors who repeat standard advice on working but do not give inside information and will not believe one’s own research could be valid. Don’t write that, where will you publish that, you should not have written that, you will never get anyone to believe that, are things I have been told too often and that I have a great deal of anger about having been pedantically told.

I feel completely different when I am working on my own projects and topics, things I care about and believe in, than I do when I am working on what is merely acceptable and marketable.


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Collage de Jean Sénac

Si tu viens un jour
je ferme les yeux
je laisse les yeux
je laisse le bleu

Tout lire

Mes mots, vertèbres transfigurées


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