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Podem-me prender, and so on

Here are 45 pages on Trump’s tax fraud case in New York.

Meanwhile, I am trying to work on my much more mundane activism cases. I have these notes:

The AAUP, if it goes into a “death spiral,” will not do so for lack of money but because people leading it do not admit how far things have gotten, how far gone everything is.

Message development for organizing and recruiting: AAUP core principles are key to a free university, free inquiry, and a democratic society.

“Adjunct” is not an ontological category, but a political one.

The question is, are we for a critical university?


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Very important!

I found some fragmentary notes from an old meeting that should have been followed up upon.

1. Our financial situation is not that bad (although we have contracted notable debt, and we appear to have mysterious overseas donors)
2. Data is reported strangely
3. We spend a great deal on sports, buildings and administration
4. We have very few assistant professors (i.e. newer tenure track hires)
5. We do not submit data to the salary survey
6. We appear to have misplaced priorities
7. We appear not to prioritize academics

We should realize that budgets are plans and projections, not audited financial statements (which are an entirely different thing

Administrations that dismantle departments, are divisive and separate faculty, are those who deserve votes of no confidence

We do not need to ask permission to put out press releases.



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Le voyage à Washington

The entire trip will be reimbursed, so I have to keep every record, which I am not used to. And I insured the flight, which I do not usually do, since that will be reimbursed (or should be).

FLIGHT: $361.39

That is so far.

Also, I am recycling something, a photocopy of part of the book reviewed here, Ballón Aguirre’s Vallejo edition in Ayacucho. It was exciting when it came out because it was an alternative, something was happening, things were moving, but the actual book is available in several libraries in my very state now (although not in Maringouin). I am getting rid of a xerox of this book, too, because our library has acquired it! (In its margins I had written: Vallejo as “emo boy,” pimp, and “man-whore” (interested in very young women).


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